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conversion could improve your home


Converting your attic into an extra room is an excellent way of maximising space, modernising your home, and increasing your home’s value. O’Flaherty Construction are experts when it comes to attic conversions, collaborating closely with customers to create the attic room of their dreams.
We work with all types of homes, creating bespoke attic room conversions for bungalows and multi-storey homes as well as detached, terraced and semi-detached houses. Our attic conversions can be created to span the entirety of your attic or as a part-conversion in order to still retain some attic space in your home.

As well as creating standard bedroom attic conversions, we can install en-suites, living rooms, and open-plan living areas as part of your attic conversion.
Each of our attic conversions are completely bespoke, working closely with our customers to create custom attic conversions that match your exact specifications. Whether you want a new bedroom, office space, or open-plan living area, why not call us now to discuss your options?


Are you contemplating an attic conversion in your home?

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Our Attic Conversions Are Suitable For:

Multi-Storey Houses
Semi-Detached Homes
Storage Spaces
Two Storey Houses
Detached Homes
Terrace Homes
Living Areas

Get in touch now to speak to an expert about how we can update

your home with a beautiful attic conversion

Attic Conversions FAQ

What does it cost to convert an attic?

The price of converting an attic varies greatly depending on the scale of your project. Why not call O’Flaherty Construction today to get a quote for your attic conversion project?

Do you need planning permission to convert an attic?

Most attic conversions don’t require planning permission as they occur within the house, rather than adding anything to the external structure of the house. Call O’Flaherty Construction for more information on the legalities of attic conversions today.

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