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Are you thinking about building a granny flat on your land? Get in touch with

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With rising rents, poor quality housing and unstable housing agreements on the rise, many people are turning to granny flat and tiny home living as a cosy, cost-effective housing alternative. If you’re seeking a new-age form of housing that won’t break the bank, O’Flaherty Construction’s granny flat construction services could be the answer.
Our team of highly qualified builders are experts when it comes to the construction of granny flats, providing fully fitted, insulated, and high-quality tiny homes for you to live in.
Our team works closely with our clients to exceed your expectations, offering personalised granny flat construction services to suit your exact styles, tastes, and design requirements.
As well as creating fully functional homes in the form of granny flats, our team can convert and renovate garages and sheds spaces, or build single-room studios to create small rooms, chill-out spaces, offices, gyms, and more from scratch.


Thinking about building a granny flat on your land?

Contact us now to discuss your options

Why Choose a Granny Flat To Build?

Granny Flats are small spaces with plenty of potential, providing a comfortable, functional, and cost-effective alternative to a traditional home. As well as being a space suitable to live in full-time, constructing a granny flat or small cabin on your land is a fantastic opportunity for:

  • Renting: Many people and holidaymakers prefer to rent smaller, cheaper, private accommodation, making a granny flat ideal.

  • Privacy: If you can’t afford to move out of your parent’s home, but want some privacy and a place to call your own, a granny flat is a cost-effective, comfortable option.

  • Studio Space: Are you an artist, photographer, dancer or writer who cannot practise in a busy house? Building a granny flat in your back garden could provide you with the space and privacy needed to practise your craft.

Granny Flat Construction FAQs

How long does it take to build a granny flat?

Depending on the size of the granny flat you want to build, full construction could take a few weeks. Call now for more accurate estimations of the time it takes to build our granny flats.

Do you need planning permission to build a granny flat?

If your granny flat is intended to be used as a stand-alone dwelling, you may need to get planning permission. Call your local county council for more information about planning permission for small structures and granny flats.

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