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Whether you want a home renovation for aesthetic, functional, or accessibility reasons, the team at O’Flaherty Construction can help. Our team of expert professionals are experienced at creating fantastic renovations for customers of all types, increasing the value, functionality, and accessibility of homes across Dublin and Kildare for over 25 years.
Our team can renovate your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garage, and more to create a more modern, comfortable, and spacious living area for you and your family. As well as creating modern and aesthetically pleasing areas in your home, our expert builders can make structural changes to your home to increase space and light while simultaneously protecting the structural integrity of your home.


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range of home renovation services

Disability Accessible Home Renovations

If you or a member of your family has a disability that requires your home to be altered, O’Flaherty Construction can help. Our team of professionals has plenty of experience in adapting houses to make them more accessible for a range of disabilities, renovating your home to tailor it to your individual needs. Whether you need wider halls and doorways in your home or want your appliances lowered for easy-access, we will collaborate with you and renovate your home to your exact needs and specifications. Our team offers extensive renovation services for the whole home, including halls, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. If your home needs to be renovated to be more accessible, why not call us now?

Our Disability and Elderly Accessible Home Renovations Include:

Ramp Installation
Handle and Rail Installation
Widening Hallways
Adapted Bathrooms
Bespoke, Custom Renovation Services
Stair Lift Installation
Widening Doorways
Adapted Bedrooms
Adapted Kitchens
Close Customer Collaboration

Renovations FAQ

What rooms can I renovate in my home?

With O’Flaherty Construction, you can renovate any room in your home. We provide complete renovation services for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more.

How can I make my house disability-friendly?

Your house can be made disability-friendly by installing ramps and lifts, widening doors and hallways, installing handrails around the house, lowering appliances, and more. O’Flaherty Construction can renovate your home to make it more accessible for elderly people, people with limited mobility and people with disabilities.

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