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Having a sunroom or porch installed in your property can create a relaxing sanctuary in the heart of your home, increasing your home’s value and functionality simultaneously. The team at O’Flaherty Construction has plenty of experience in creating beautiful bespoke sunrooms and porches for customers, using high-quality materials to construct wonderful renovations that you can be proud of.
O’Flaherty Construction prides ourselves on the level of customer service we provide, collaborating closely with our customers to create custom sunrooms and porches to fit your exact specifications, taste, budget, and style.
If you want a sunroom or porch custom-made, installed, and designed for your home, why not call us now?


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sunroom and porch construction services

Sunroom Construction

A sunroom or conservatory can be a fantastic addition to your home, opening up space to allow light and heat to filter through and transform your home. Our team offers excellent sunroom construction services, renovating existing rooms to turn them into sunrooms or building sunroom extensions onto your house. If you want somewhere warm, bright, and cosy in your home to curl up and read your favourite book, a sunroom could be the solution.

Porch Construction

Porches create a versatile, convenient storage and relaxation space and also add an extra layer of protection and security to your home.

If you want to fully utilise the space around your front door to create a regal-looking, secure, and fully functional porch, get in touch with O’Flaherty Construction now, who can help construct the perfect porch space to suit your home.

Sunrooms and Porches FAQ

Can a sunroom add value to your home?

Yes, absolutely. The addition of a high-quality sunroom adds more light, space, and storage to your home which increases its value significantly.

What is a porch used for?

A porch can be used as an area to relax in, store your belongings in, or as a security measure to protect the entrance of your home against burglars.

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